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Our Vision

 Avonreach Academy Trust strives to build, through considered and controlled growth, a family of schools that use effective collaboration to ensure ambitious outcomes are achieved for all our pupils, allowing them to reach their full potential and become positive, confident and active members of tomorrow’s global society. The MAT is a family of schools working collaboratively, and forging links with parents and the community, to encourage and promote respect, responsibility and a life-long love of learning within caring, compassionate and stimulating environments. By inspiring our pupils through an engaging and exciting curriculum they will be well prepared for all stages of their education, from age 2 through to 19, achieving their full potential to become positive, confident and active members of the local community and global society.

We value

Respect and

The Avonreach Academy Trust was formed on 1st August 2017 and is a group of four ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ schools in the greater Pershore area.

We share the vision that emerged from a Memorandum of Understanding that all schools signed up to at an
early stage in our MAT
development. We are
committed to work together with families and communities to ensure that our young
people realise their full
potential whilst being fully rounded individuals who are fully prepared for future life.

I am proud to be the Executive Officer of a high performing and
optimistic organisation that will always have its people at the heart of everything that it does.

Clive Corbett
Executive Officer AAT